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All sale horses are current on worming, vaccinations, and hoof trimming.
Horses that are sold out of state come with a negative coggins test, and health certificate.
Buyer is responsible for all transportation costs.  Some horses have video clips available in Quicktime format.

Please contact us via E-mail if you have questions or are interested in purchasing.

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    Feeding One of Our Top Producers :)

    Feeding one of our
    “Top Producers”

    When it comes to manure, gardeners in the North Bay are blessed with a variety of sources. One of the cleanest and most prized is the fabulous fertilizer produced by the miniature horses of Lovepatch Farms.

    Lee says her miniature horses make droppings the size of little bon bons, which break down faster than larger droppings. Gardeners who have used Lovepatch Farm’s compost have nothing but raves for the “Little Ones” organic products.

    Lovepatch beds their horses with a pelleted wood that dissolves to a soft organic. The droppings and wood products combine to enrich and add structure to your soil. The miniature horses are fed orchard grass hay which is not a seed bearing crop so volunteer weeds are minimal. Lovepatch Farm’s finished compost is dark, rich, and loaded with active earthworms which do an excellent job aerating your soil.

    You won’t believe how big & beautiful your tomatoes and other crops will be. And, with the prices today’s vegetables bring you will be well ahead with our compost and a handful of seeds.

    Our compost is available for FREE. You load :)

    Always call ahead to make an appointment to pick up..

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