Lovepatch Farms One-Eyed Jack

Lovepatch Farms One-Eyed Jack
AMHA/AMHR    Height 33.25

“Elliot” is a black & white near leopard Appaloosa stallion with one bright blue eye and one brown eye. Visitors to our farm always notice Elliott, not only because of his great personality and color, but because he has that certain natural style and pizzazz that makes The Blue Eyehim truly memorable. In short, “Eli” is a handsome horse and “he knows it”.

Elliott is an excellent moving Country Pleasure Driving horse and is well noticed in Multi-Color Stallion classes.

Elliott has been shown successfully by youth, amateur, and professional - always giving an honest, trouble-free drive. Consequently Elliott developed quite a fan club in the two years he was actively shown. Personable, athletic, and kind, Elliott is passing these same qualities on to his babies .

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Driving at Santa Barbara
Driving Elliott
Elliott in Hand

“Elliott” has been described by one of his fans as a miniature “Lippizan stallion with spots . . .”

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