Community Sponsors & Donors

Lovepatch Farms gratefully acknowledges the following organizations and individuals for their kind emotional and financial support in helping us through these very difficult financial times.

We “thank you” and our little horses “thank you”!



This summer we are planning to expand our outreach so we can host many more visitors. We have found that "at risk" youth, autistic children, special needs children, and even seniors with dementia respond remarkably well to our little horses. Although my husband and I do not have special training or certifications, we know that the love and kindness we and our little ones share with our visitors provides a positive and therapeutic experience for all involved. I like to think that our efforts give back to our community in a very unique "grass roots" way.

CLICK HERE if you would like to receive a Power Point presentation about Lovepatch Farms

  • Claudia Tapp
  • Annie Voloshin
  • Paula Piazza
  • Katherine Edmiston
  • Anna Arena
  • Bonnie Bundesen (5)
  • Christine Hensley
  • Sandy & Emily Joseph
  • Norma & Eric Bramstedt
  • Kendra & Cris Moras
  • Kathy & Fancy
  • Vincent LaRosa
  • Donald Bruchard
  • Lillyana Caballero
  • Peggie Goda-Mear
  • Sandra & Thomas Lee
  • Randy Von Gogh
  • Owen West
  • Sharon & Ben Martinez
  • Tammi Powell
  • Jen Brophy
  • Anonymous / Palo Alto
  • David Winckoski
  • Jennifer Kirk
  • Pamela Jonekait
  • Bernardus Schulting
  • Dick Goedemans
  • Santa Rosa Community Media
  • Elyn Homs
  • Darlene & Clarence Ficker
  • Paula Rieck
  • Nancy Feehan
  • Divya Krishna & Yong Lee
  • Deanna Faenzi
  • Craig Zimmerman
  • John Rupe
  • Barbara & Fred Lusardi
  • Adolf & Sandra Fernandez
  • MaryAnn Bekowies & Kathy Roan
  • Bill Vandergeld & Family
  • Jean (DeRoy) Threlkeld
  • Ken & Candy Beatty
  • Damon & Debbie Knutson
  • Maureen Constantino & Mary Helen
  • Bob & Alice Larsen
  • Chris Kelly
  • Linda & Ron Sumner

View the video produced and the article written by the NY Times affiliate, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Click to view the video produced by Community Media of Santa Rosa. It will give you an idea of what to expect when you visit Lovepatch Farms.

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