Compare Maintenance Costs

Comparing Maintenance Costs for a Miniature Horses vs. a Full Size Horse


Miniature Horse

Full Size Horse

Cost of Purchase

$750 to $150,000 - Price is determined by a variety of factors including size, conformation, bloodline and show record. The smaller and more correctly conformed, the greater the value.

$500 to Millions - Determined by a variety of factors including size, conformation, bloodline and show record.

Feed Cost

Approximately $50 per month.

Approximately $150 plus per month per horse (depending on use or purpose.

Boarding or Stabling

$50 to $175 per month/per horse in a commercial stable, however miniature horses may sometimes be kept in backyards (depending on zoning regulations) with a mini barn or shelter.

$150 to $800 per month/per horse depending on facilities, pasture, and riding opportunities.

Training Costs
(Halter - In Hand)

$300 and up per month/per horse. Family involvement is encourages, even small children can help train a miniature horse.

$??? to $??? per month/per horse. Depends on the reputation of the trainer, stable, and breed.

Pasture Size with
Supplemental Hay & Feed

3 - 4 Miniature Horses per acre. One horse can easily be kept in the average residential backyard, depending on local zoning regulations.

Minimum of 3 - 5 acres per horse. Also depends on local zoning regulations.

Tack - Halters
(Work & Show)

$4 to 10 each
$25 to $150 or more

$15 to $30 each
$75 to $500 each

Work Harness
Pleasure Driving (Show) Harness

$200 to $400
$750 to $1,400

$350 to $4000
$1,500 and up



$25 to $65
$20 to $45
Not normally used on Miniatures

$375 to $2500

$85 to $200
$40 to $65
$250 and up

$1,000 to $5,000

Farrier Costs (Trimming Feet)

$10 to $25 per horse. Some owners trim and rasp their own horses hooves due to the decreased hazards associated with a smaller animal.

$45 to $90 per horse. Some experienced and very knowledgeable owners to their own trimming. Usually done every 6 - 8 weeks.

Farrier Costs (Shoeing)

Metal shoes are not normally applied to Miniature Horses except for corrections or driving on hard surfaces. “Glue On” shoes not nailed-on shoes  are used for these purposes.

$50 to $200 a set approximately every 8 weeks.

Veterinary Care

Medications & Worming

Same schedule as for larger horses

Determined by weight of horse - greatly reduced dosage due to smaller size

Same schedule as for Miniature Horses

4 - 5 times the cost of Miniature Horses due to larger size.

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